It’s all about the discovery of new things for Caitlin.  I love how I can show her a toy she’s played with everyday for months and she looks at it like it’s brand new.  I cannot wait to rediscover the ‘little’ things and teach her as she grows.  This is what it’s all about!


Caitlin discovering her hands and her reflection…




Caitlin discovering her new best friend…






Caitlin discovering different sounds and textures…






Caitlin discovering how to sit up and get ahold of the pacifier...




Caitlin discovering the power of her smile!



Bumbo Time

I was working in the office the other day and Caitlin was doing some bumbo seat time to work on those “sitting up” muscles.  I know once she doesn’t need the chair anymore, she is going to love sitting up on her own!  I’ve been trying to get her beautiful smile captured in a picture, but every time I put the camera in front of my face, the smile disappears.  I’m assuming it’s because she can’t see my face anymore.  We will just have to work on that…


IMG_2724“What are you doing Mom?”


IMG_2729“What’s that black thing that always blinds me?”


IMG_2737“There you are…I see you now”


IMG_2745It’s like a little sleeve tattoo…“I Love Mom”.

I love you too Caitlin!


Happy Birthday Jared!

My brother recently turned 31 and we celebrated with a large group dinner at Gordon Bierch brewery in Dallas.  The food and atmosphere were really good.  I had the mini-Kobe burger appetizer with onion straws and a mini strawberry cheesecake dessert.  (Do you see a mini theme?)  Caitlin was having a tough night, so Michael and I took turns standing up and holding her.  She didn’t want to be held by anyone except for her mommy or daddy.  Not even Mimi or my Dad could calm her down.  I hope this is just a phase…  

My mom came home with us and spent the night.  She watched Caitlin on Sunday for a few hours so Michael and I could have a ‘day’ date.  We ventured out in the snow and saw the movie “The Tourist”. 

Thanks for organizing the night Alicia and Happy Birthday Jared! 


IMG_0899Family pic

Thank you Aunt Amy for Caitlin’s shirt!


IMG_0903Birthday Boy!  Can you tell we’re related?


Little Aggie

Our friends, and fellow Aggies, The Baird’s, invited us over for a Cotton Bowl watch party.  The Aggies had a pretty good season this year and we were matched up to play the LSU tigers at Cowboys Stadium.  The Aggies didn’t bring home the win, but I’m proud of them anyway. 

Thank you for having us over to watch the game! 


IMG_2633Tamra & Caitlin


IMG_2632Lil’ Aggie


IMG_2638Former Aggies: Lacey & Tamra

Future Aggies: Presley & Caitlin (Class of 2033)


A&M3Courtney, Lacey & Tamra

We’ll get ‘em next year boys!  Whoop!!


4 months

Caitlin is 4 months old.  Where does the time go?  I’m not going to lie…some days seem to inch by one minute at a time.  Others fly by in the blink of an eye and I have a hard time remembering all the details.  This is when I wish I had time to keep a daily journal, but it also makes me thankful for the blog…a catalog of our favorite memories.

Caitlin, you are such a joy and what a big month it’s been!  You are so alert and attentive, and you love to stand up (with assistance of course) so you can see all the action.  I sometimes call you ‘Miss Serious’.  You are sleeping through the night (5-7 hours between feedings) and mommy really appreciates that.  When you want something, you grab it, and it goes immediately into your mouth.  You know mommy and daddy’s voices and you light up when you see either one of us.  What a wonderful feeling! 

You’ve moved into your room and sleep in your crib.  We started slowly with naps and then tried a full night.  I slept in the recliner in your room the first two nights to make sure you were ok.  You are becoming such a good napper too.  We started supplementing formula into your diet because I can’t keep up with how much milk you need.  

You found your feet!  Although you haven’t tried to put them in your mouth yet, you found them, and they usually entertain you for a while after you wake from a nap.  I love to watch you on the monitor after you wake up and hear you talking to yourself.  You wake up so happy…most of the time. 

4-Month Stats:

Weight: 11 pounds, 14 ounces (10-25%)

Height: 24 inches (50%)

Head: 15.5 inches (20-25%)


IMG_2643Our 4-month old


IMG_2651Got drool?


IMG_2485She loves those hands and everything goes in the mouth


IMG_2489Silly girl!


IMG_2456Ohhhh…what is that?


IMG_2528Miss Serious


IMG_2538So cute!


IMG_2540A little smirk




IMG_25304-months already?


IMG_2667Whatcha doing Caitlin?


IMG_2673She found her feet!


IMG_2617My little rock star’s immunization band-aids this month. :(


Happy 4-month birthday baby girl!


Cuter Than The Dog

I bought this adorable onesie before Caitlin was born.  Maximus was our first “baby” and he is pretty darn cute…but Caitlin is so much cuter! 

Shhh….don’t tell Max.


IMG_2418“cuter than the dog” onesie close up


IMG_2426My attempt at getting Max and Caitlin in the picture together.


Santa Baby

We had an amazing Christmas this year and it was so special because it was Caitlin’s first.  I know she won’t remember the tree, the lights, the glitter and glam or the story behind the day, but one year she will.  I look forward to next year and each following year when Caitlin will anticipate the traditions and help Michael and I create new family traditions.  I think I did a good job overall of reigning myself in and not going overboard for our little girl…but it was tough!   

Mom, Dad, Jared, Alicia and the dogs all came over for lunch at our place.  My mom and I cooked while everyone else caught up and enjoyed a Maddux jalapeno cheese log.  After lunch, we took a few pictures and then settled in for the process of opening presents.  I’m not sure when it started, probably when Jared and I were little, but we each take turns opening up a gift, one-by-one, so everyone can watch, and we balance it out so that in the end, everyone has one gift left, usually the best one.  Caitlin passed out about half way through the gift opening but she got some great things.

My favorite gift this year didn’t come wrapped in a box or stuffed in a bag.  There was no wrapping paper to tear or a ribbon to untie.  It can’t be returned, nor did it come with a gift receipt.  My ultimate gift this year was the birth of my beautiful daughter and I thank God everyday for trusting me enough to be her mom. 

Below are a few pictures from the day…


IMG_2187The table is set and the candles lit…


IMG_2186Table setting


IMG_2200Everyone dig in!




IMG_2222I’m so glad she let me put the hat on her.


IMG_2266Caitlin, Michael, Max & Tamra


IMG_2257“Is it time to open presents yet?”


IMG_2250Me and my Santa baby!  She looks so big in this picture!


IMG_2255Alicia, Sasha & Jared


IMG_2259Mom (Mimi), Sassy & Dad


IMG_2262Max and me


IMG_2271One lucky little girl


IMG_2289Sassy dressed for the occasion.  “Happy Howlidays”


IMG_2297Michael with one of his large gifts


Below is a series of pictures I took of Caitlin at night with the Christmas tree.  I sometimes like to think I know what she is thinking…

Don’t worry…the candy cane prop is plastic and we kept an eye on her the entire time.

IMG_2301“I’m not sure what to do with this left arm…”


IMG_2302“It doesn’t taste like a candy cane.  Wait…what is a candy cane?”


IMG_2307“I think I have something I’m not supposed to have and I’m getting away with it!  This is great!”


IMG_2321(I love those feet!)




IMG_2355“What!?  It’s not real candy?”


IMG_2362“I’m done!”



I added a few angel wing ornaments this year to represent Caitlin…my little angel.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!