Spring is in Full Bloom

Look what I found after I returned home from Gray, TN. Spring is definitely in full bloom! The rose bushes in the front yard have really filled out and add so much color!

Rose Bush

Close up


Easter Saturday?

I've been slacking on the blog updates lately, but I have a really great excuse. I'm currently in Gray, TN working at a client site and I've been here for two weeks now working extremely long hours. I actually flew out on Easter Sunday, so after inviting my family over for dinner and realizing that wasn't going to work with a noon departure, we "officially" moved Easter Sunday to Easter Saturday. Thanks Mom, Dad, Jared, Alicia and Michael for being so understanding!!

My Mom and I got together at the house about three hours early and started cooking and setting the table. Michael and Dad enjoyed the Masters on TV while Jared and Alicia checked out a few of the stores at the Allen Outlet Mall. The menu included: brown sugar glazed ham, cheddar mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pea salad, brown sugar glazed carrots, deviled eggs and crescent rolls. What a spread! It wouldn't be complete without some great white wine too.

After dinner, we did an Easter egg hunt inside the house. A HUGE thank you to Jared and Alicia for bringing all of the eggs and filling them with yummy candy. For round 1, Mom and I hid the eggs upstairs and Michael, Alicia and Jared did the hunting. It was civil and tame. I think Michael was the winner of round 1. For round 2, Michael, Mom and Dad hid the eggs upstairs and Alicia, Jared and I did the hunting. It was brutal and nasty and street-like! (but so much fun and no one was hurt.) Alicia was the clear winner of round 2. Thank you for the laughs and the bruises!

Happy Easter to you and your family. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Table set for dinner. I finally got to use the wedding china for the 2nd time!

Aren't the flowers gorgeous?

Tamra working on the brown sugar glazed carrots

Shasha (Alicia's dog on the left), Max (in the middle)
and Sassy (Parent's dog on the right)
AKA: New best friends

This was so funny!
Max would not leave this area while my Dad was cutting the ham.

Mom and Dad did ALL the dishes! Thank you!

Round 1: Michael, Alicia & Jared

Round 2: Alicia, Jared, & Tamra
You can see Dad getting out of the way...

The loot!

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