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I’ve been wanting to do this post for some time now.  Since Caitlin was born, I’ve always wondered, who does she look like?  Her mom or her dad?  I think ever parent wonders that when they have a child.  When Caitlin was a newborn, we were told by friends, family and complete strangers that she looked like me, her dad, my mom, Michael’s mom and her great grandfather (on Michael’s side).  It’s the age old question…does Caitlin look more like me or her dad?  What do you think?  (comments welcomed!)


Who does Caitlin look like - 1Baby picture comparison


Who does Caitlin look like - 3Current day comparison


6 Months

Caitlin, happy half year birthday!  Your dad and I cannot believe you are already 6 months old.  It’s all going by so quickly.  You can sit up all by yourself!  I remember going to Gymboree when you were three months old and seeing the older kids sitting up, thinking “I can’t believe Caitlin will be able to do that someday!”.  Well, that day has come and gone and you continue to surprise me with your development.  Speaking of Gymboree, you moved up to Level 2 and we are starting to meet lots of new friends.  You really love class but you are not a fan of parachute time.

You are so vocal and you love to talk to yourself and sing.  Everything, and I mean everything, that you can get your hands on goes into your mouth.  You make me laugh.  You grab for things and you don’t even know what you are grabbing for.  You also love discovering textures and scratching your nails over different objects to hear the different sounds.  It’s official…those first two teeth are here and they are sharp!  No more chewing on mommy’s fingers.  Your laugh makes me laugh.  Your cries make me cry.  Your silly noises brighten my days.  You are continuing to sleep (you got that from me) and eat (another trait of mine) like a champ.  Your diet now consists of 24-28 ounces of formula a day plus you’ve mastered squash, pears and green beans.

Your feet are a new favorite toy and those toes easily find their way into your mouth.  I finally got some pictures (coming soon!) to prove your flexibility.  You are picking up and holding things.  You turn your head when you hear mommy’s voice, daddy’s voice or a new sound.  You haven’t rolled over yet, but you are staying on your tummy for longer periods of time and holding yourself up really well.  I think you may just skip rolling over and go straight to crawling!  You got another round of shots at your 6-month well appointment, but you were so brave and the tears were all dried up before we reached the car.  I love taking pictures of you…you are my perfect model.  Happy birthday and we love you sweet pea!

6-Month Stats:

Weight: 14 pounds, 5 ounces (25%)

Height: 25 1/2 inches (50-75%)

Head: 16.5 inches (50-75%)


Caitlin - Month 1 to 6See Caitlin grow!


Caitlin's first teeth (bottom)First two bottom teeth are coming in at the same time!


IMG_4228Our 6-month old


A bunch of pictures below…Enjoy!














Happy 6-month birthday baby girl!


Presley’s Baptism

We had the honor of attending our friends’ daughter’s baptism last month.  Lacey, Presley’s mom, and I were pregnant together (her second, my first) and Presley is about six weeks younger than Caitlin.  I hope they grow up to be as good of friends as Lacey and I.  Thank you to the Baird’s for inviting us be a part of Presley’s special day.

The weather was still a little cool following the snow storm, so I was really excited to get to dress Caitlin up in this adorable (and warm) outfit that she could finally fit into.  A {HUGE} thank you to her “Auntie” Amanda for the gift!


IMG_0918Presley’s baptism – Family & Godparents


IMG_0922Presley, her parents and her Godparents


IMG_0924The Orlowski family


IMG_0927Lacey, Kelli, Courtney, Shawna, Tamra & KC


IMG_0929Isabella & Caitlin (in coordinating colors)


IMG_3467Mommy & Caitlin


IMG_3485Her first pair of shoes!


IMG_3488I love this outfit!


IMG_3493Caitlin and Max going nose-to-nose