Big News!

Ok, so I have some news to share...click here to find out more! It is not a 100% done deal, but it a huge step in the right direction. Please continue to keep Michael and I in your prayers as we move towards the contract signing!

(Please let me know if the link does not work and I will repost the information...)


Brynn turns 1!

Our neighbor and my bunko friend, Michel Ann, had us over last weekend to help celebrate her daughter, Brynn's, 1st birthday. It was a great party and a beautiful day to be outside. They had an amazing swing set that all of the kids loved playing on. I think the mini-rock climbing wall and slide were the favorites. Brynn also got some great gifts! The other kids were eager to get the presents opened and "broken in". Happy Birthday Brynn and thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

Delicious cake!

Michel Ann (Byrnn's mom) and Brynn

Brynn enjoying her own personal cake!

Michelle, me, Michel Ann, Katie & Julie


Light in the Attic...

Like most husbands...mine needs a steady flow of "projects". Michael is very handy and has a real talent for taking on projects around the house and doing a great job. He has been building things since he was a little boy. One of his best projects is the gorgeous pool table in our game room. Michael's latest and most recent project has been finishing the attic above the garage.

After having the gas line moved, Michael laid down a plywood floor, added electrical outlets around the base of the room, added 4 lights to the crown of the room, installed a vent for ventilation and insulated the walls. His next step will be dry wall installation. I'll post some "after" pictures once the room is finished!

Michael also had his first softball game last Sunday night. Hensel Phelps has another co-ed team this year. The season didn't get off to a good start. Only 6 players showed up and the team had to forfeit. Instead of coming home, they asked some people from another team to join them and had a scrimmage. I hope to make it out to some of the games this year and I'll get some pictures too.

Attic - Dry wall installation is next....

Added outlets around the room

Added 4 lights in the ceiling


It's Here!

Twilight is now available on DVD! As most of you already know, I am a Twilight fanatic and have read all 4 books in the Twilight series. I also saw the movie in the theater only a few days after it was released and have even gone so far as to read the partial manuscript of Midnight Sun which tells the Twilight story from Edwards point of view. If you are interested in reading this, go here. So, imagine my surprise when there wasn't a line at Target when I went to get the DVD on Saturday! There are plenty...in case you are planning to pick up a copy.

I returned home and ripped the plastic off the case, ran up to the media room and watched the movie for the second time! I just couldn't wait!! The DVD also came with a Special Featues and Bonus Material DVDs. I watched both of these Saturday night after the movie. For fanatics like me, I also wanted to mention that there are two songs on the Twilight soundtrack by Robert Pattinson. He is a musician and also actually played "Bella's Lullaby" on the piano in the movie. Anyway, the two songs on the soundtrack are "Let Me Sign" and "Never Think". Only downside, you have to purchase the whole album on iTunes to get these two songs. He sounds so tortured and wounded...just like Edward would.

If you have not seen the movie or read the books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn), give them a shot!

Bella and Edward
This is not a shot from the movie, but I thought it was cool.


Cutie Pie Creations

I have to brag about two of my good high school friends, Jill and Tierra. All three of us attended Burleson High School and went away to college, but still managed to stay in touch. Jill and Tierra did a much better of job of it, but I'm still glad to see them every now and then. They have decided to open a business of their own called Cutie Pie Creations inspired by creating things for their own cutie pies...aka daughters. Take a minute and check out their site http://www.formycutiepie.com/ for diaper cakes & wreaths, tutus, bow & hair accessories, baby clothes, diaper bags and so much more! Congratulations to Jill and Tierra. The website looks great!




...Miss Lexi! This is my adorable niece, Alexis (Lexi for short), and you are going to be seeing a lot of her on the blog! Michael and I have not been able to visit her since Thanksgiving. She lives in Austin with her mommy and daddy. We love her and hope to see her soon! Thank you Auntie Jennifer for the picture!


A baby and a birthday...

So, I realize I'm not getting off to a very good start on posting in a timely manner. I have been sick with a stomach bug which is no fun at all. Speaking of having fun, that's exactly what I did two weekends ago...

On Saturday, I helped host a beautiful baby shower for my wonderful friend Kelli. She will be welcoming a baby girl, Isabella (Bella for short), next month. Doesn't she look great!?! The shower was amazing and it really came together in the end. I love baby showers because they are like mini-weddings. There are all these ideas and people working on different aspects of the event, and it's not until the event, all the moving parts come together and make something wonderful. (Cheesy, I know). The food was delicious, mimosas all around and there was even a candy bar! Kelli got some really great gifts...especialy the little party dresses from her mom. Bella already has an Easter dress, New Year's dress and 1st birthday dress!

Tamra, Courtney, Kelli, Shawna & KC

Saturday night, Michael and I had the opportunity to help our neighbor and good friend celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday Katie! Katie and her husband met up with a small group of us for drinks after enjoying a nice dinner. We had drinks at Woodlands (in Allen). If you haven't checked this place out, make a visit. I reallly like the bar area...good atmosphere. We had a great time!!

Michelle, Katie (b-day girl) & Tamra


To Breck and Back!

Michael and I recently (ok, it's been a month) returned from a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with my family (Mom, Dad, Jared and his friend Alicia). This was Michael's first time to snow ski and we calculated I hadn't been in about 10 years. My family and I used to take an annual snow skiiing trip, but once Jared and I were both in college, our spring breaks weren't during the same time. Not only was I excited to have this experience with my family again, but to experience this with Michael too.

We usually stay in a condo, but this year, with six adults, we found a great house to rent. The location was great...only down fall was a small uphill walk after a full day of skiing once we got off the bus. My parents were amazing and cooked a meal for us every night we ate in. We also took advantage of the Breckenridge downtown area and experienced some local cuisine too.

Day 1 and 2 was full of skiing. Michael took a class the on day 1 and met up with the rest of us on day 2. It snowed off and on during the first two days on the slopes. Day 3 was our snow mobiling day and it was a white out! Visibilty was incredibly low and I actually fell over and the snowmobile pinned me to the ground. It took Michael and my Dad to get me out of that situation (thanks guys!). Day 4 was girl's day at the spa for massages and those achy muscles and then Michael met up with us to do some shopping. My brother and father actually hit the slopes on day 4 while the rest of us took it easy and I'm so glad we did. It snowed HARD all day on the mountain. Day 5, we were back on the slopes and it was a gorgeous day! We all had a great time and there were no major injuries, so all in all, the trip was a success. Michael even took me by one of my favorite scrapbooking stores before we headed to the airport!