4 Months!

I've had a few requests for belly shots (including my mother). I don't think anyone wants to see my actual belly, so I'll spare you all for now and keep it G-rated with my shirt down. I think I look bigger at night than I do during the day, but who knows. I could just be lying to myself.

Month 4

Heartbreak Warfare

My friend Courtney recently invited me to the John Mayer concert in Dallas at the AAC. I hadn't seen John in concert since the summer of 2008 and he just released a new CD. We went to dinner beforehand and then arrived in time to hear the opening band wrap up before John came on. He did an amazing job. The perfect mix of old vs. new and a few covers too. I'm wishing I had purchased a t-shirt after all! Thank you so much for the invite! I had a great time.

He wore a Mavs jersey most of the night.

Looking good!

One of his many funny faces...

Coming Soon!

We're pregnant!! Michael and I are expecting our first child on August 25th! I don't think this is news to anyone that knows us, but I figured it deserved a blog post. I'm in my second trimester and I'm so glad that first trimester is O-V-E-R. I was sick often but I'm also told it's a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

Michael and I, and our families, are very excited about the new addition. I made a onesie with iron on letters that says "coming soon" on the front and "8.25" on the back to represent the due date. That's how we made the annoucement to our families. We find out the gender in just two weeks, but I've been seeing visions of "pink" for a while. Let's see if my visions are true!

Onesie front

Onesie back

The family and the onesie

Anyone still out there?

To say that I'm long overdue for a new blog post is an understatement. To anyone that may still be checking the blog for updates, please continue to do so. I was hit with what is known as a creative slump, but I've got a new spring design and I think I've found my way! I promise new posts (and good ones) are coming soon!