It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye…

When Michael and I found out we were having a baby, we knew it was time to get a new vehicle.  My sports car was not conducive to a growing family.  Well, we got a new vehicle and we love it, but that also meant it was time to trade in my car. 

This is the car that I bought on my own and purchased completely brand new during my first real job after college.  I loved my car…so to have to say good bye was very hard.  I know it was for the best and some teenager is probably enjoying it as I type there words, but I will miss it dearly.  Given my deep attachment issues, I had to take a few pictures before trading it in!


IMG_0602This is one day before Caitlin’s due date


IMG_0605 One last hug…


IMG_0601Sad face…


IMG_0596  Whoa…that’s a lot of miles!

Spring Flowers

We received some amazing flowers and gifts to celebrate the arrival of Caitlin.  The flower arrangements really brightened up my day and they made the house smell so good!  Thank you to everyone for your generosity!  We are truly blessed!   

I recently got a new camera, so I was attempting to be a little creative in my picture taking below.  I have a long way to go…




Flowers from Michael





Flowers from Michael’s company




Flowers from Amanda and Katie




Plants from my mom’s company and the balloon is from Kylie



Flowers and stuffed doggie from my parents




Flowers and card from one of Michael’s subcontractors


IMG_0667    IMG_0672


Cookies from Courtney


Coming Home

We spent two and half days in the hospital before being released to come home.  Our hospital stay was amazing and I want to thank the wonderful staff (nurses, doctors, cooks) at Baylor Medical Center in Frisco.  The rumors were true…all moms and dads are served a steak and lobster dinner for their final meal in the hospital.  Michael and I don’t eat fish, so we asked for steak and chicken instead.  It was so good…and I’ve had my fair share of steak growing up in Texas.

I was really nervous about getting out of the hospital in time and with all of our stuff, so I forgot to take pictures of us putting Caitlin in the car seat and loading her up in the car.  My mom was waiting for us at home when we arrived and she snapped the picture below.

We are so {HAPPY} to have Caitlin at home!  Now the real work begins!


IMG_0655 Home Sweet Home

Our Sweet Neighbors

Our friends and neighbors, Amanda and Katie, came to visit us in the hospital.  Katie offered to take some pictures of us and I could not pass up the offer!  Katie is getting more and more into photography.  Check out her talents below and let me know if you ever need a photographer for a kid or family photo sessions and I’ll get you in touch with Katie!


new family Our family


baby girlMiss Caitlin


baby girl 2Look at that face!


nametagNametag in her hospital bed…and she is an ‘Orlowski’.


baby feetTiny feet


caitlin & blakeCaitlin and Blake

Blake is Katie’s son and Caitlin’s new boyfriend (Don’t tell Jack).


neighbors      Neighbors!

Amanda, Me, Caitlin, Blake and Katie

Thank you for visiting us!


She’s Here!

Caitlin Nicole

August 31st at 2:50 pm

7lbs, 5 oz

19 inches long


IMG_0609  IMG_0612


IMG_0628Proud Mama!


IMG_0630The Orlowski Family!  (our first family photo)


IMG_0631 Me & Caitlin


IMG_0632Close up of our little angel


IMG_0639  Proud Papa!  Those are Caitlin’s little foot prints on Michael’s scrub shirt. 


Caitlin’s first visitors…

IMG_0642Uncle Jared


IMG_0644Uncle Jared and (the future Aunt) Alicia


IMG_0645 The grandparents


  IMG_0647 The whole gang   

The Waiting Game…

Little Miss Caitlin has kept us waiting.  She was due on August 25th, but that day has passed, so I’m scheduled for an induction on August 31st. 

Michael and I checked into the hospital at 7:15 am.  After answering a few questions, the pitocin was started.  With the pitocin, I was having contractions, but I could not feel them.  My parents surprised me and showed up at the hospital around 9:30 am to keep Michael and I company. 

After being checked around 11:30 am, my doctor said I was still at 2 cm and she decided to break my water.  This is when the {REAL} contractions started and boy, could I feel them now!  My goal was to make it to 5 cm while in active labor with no drugs, but that did not happen.  After laboring for about an hour, I asked, begged, pleaded for an epidural.  My parents joined us back in the room after the epidural took effect (best decision ever!) and we all talked for the next couple of hours. 

The delivery nurse came in for another check around 2:25 pm.  I’ll never forget it…she says, “Are you ready to push?”.  I thought she was kidding, but I was at a 10!  The doctor had just entered surgery, so I pushed for about 30 minutes with Michael and the delivery nurse.  The doctor came in for the last 5 minutes and at 2:50 pm our new baby girl arrived!





See the next post for pictures of Caitlin!

“Showered” with More Love

The second baby shower was hosted by some of my closest friends from college: Courtney, KC, Kelli, Lacey and Shawna.  To say that they went above and beyond is an understatement!  The pictures below are just a few of the amazing details that were captured from the day. 

Courtney and I live only a few minutes from each other, so this shower was attended by friends, neighbors, my mom and Michael’s mom.  Michael’s three sisters could not make it, but we hope to see them soon!  Only three more weeks until Miss Caitlin’s expected arrival!

 DSC01178 Sign in the yard as you approach the front door


DSC01185Adorable banner above the dessert table


DSC01180Dessert table (including my favorite…red velvet cupcakes), guest gifts and the invitation


DSC01181  Cupcakes from The Cupcakery


DSC01182The food table


IMG_0026 Silverware caddy


IMG_0033The drink table


IMG_0037   Beverages


IMG_0038More beverages!


DSC01258Cute flower arrangement


…and some more details!




A few pictures of the guests…


DSC01193  DSC01195



Some shots of opening gifts…






DSC01248The pump and the pack-n-play!

DSC01206Thank you Lacey for writing down all the gifts!


IMG_0581     Michael’s Mom (Gayle), Me & my Mom


IMG_0087Me with the beautiful hostesses!

Courtney, Shawna, Lacey, Kelli & KC


IMG_0090    Caitlin is already so spoiled!


Thank you to everyone for coming!