2 Months

Caitlin had her 2-month well appointment a few weeks ago.  She is changing everyday and I love it!  She looks more and more like her daddy and when he comes into the room, she absolutely lights up.  Caitlin received 3 immunizations, one by mouth and one in each leg.  She screamed like she did last time, only times two.  It was a hard day on both of us.  Luckily, I was prepared with some bottles so she didn’t have to lie on either leg to eat. 

Caitlin is smiling more and more (especially at 3 am).  She has discovered her tongue and likes to stick it out all the time.  She is also drooling and likes to create spit bubbles.  Caitlin discovered her hands and is learning to control them.  She has gained enough accuracy to put her hands in her mouth (and a few toys too).  She likes to grab our our hands when they are in front of her.  One of her new favorite things is to look at herself in the mirror.  I’m not sure she knows it’s her, but she loves “talking” to the baby in the mirror.    

2-Month Stats:

Weight: 9 pounds, 13 ounces (25%)

Height: 22.3 inches (50%)

Head: 15 inches (25-50%)


IMG_1224My 2-month old!


IMG_1228How adorable is she?  I may be biased…


IMG_1231Is that a smile?


IMG_1238She discovered her tongue


IMG_1232She likes to make spit bubbles too!

Happy 2-month birthday baby girl!



For the past few years, our neighborhood has “boo-ed” other neighbors during the month of October.  It’s sort of like a chain letter but with gifts that magically arrive on your doorstep.  The basic concept is if you get “boo-ed” by someone, you make two “boo” baskets or boxes filled with Halloween goodies (i.e. candy, Halloween décor) and “boo” two neighbors that haven’t been “boo-ed”.  Once someone has been “boo-ed”, they also hang a sign on their door so no one gets “boo-ed” more than once and you only have 48 hours to pull it all together! 

I had a creative idea this year and wanted to share.  Filling up a basket can get out of hand quickly, so this year, I found some really cute Halloween photo boxes, filled them up with goodies and tied a glitter bow around them.  I really like that the recipients can use the photo boxes for years to come. 

IMG_0688Boo boxes

A Spooktacular Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year.  It was Caitlin’s first, but I decided not to dress her up since she was so young and didn’t really understand what was going on.  Instead, she rocked a few Halloween onesies during the month of October.  I made the black one with the rhinestone pumpkin on the front.  I can’t wait to dress her up next year! 

Our neighbors had a Halloween party on Saturday.  Everyone brought food for the taco bar or a dessert.  There was a bounce house, coloring, backyard races and a piñata for the kids.  Thank you to the Hahn’s for their hospitality.  All of the kids (and some of the adults) looked great in their Halloween costumes!

On Sunday (actual Halloween), Michael, Max and Caitlin relaxed inside and watched some football while I sat outside to greet the trick-or-treaters and pass out candy.  I didn’t want the doorbell waking Caitlin up.  Correction:  I didn’t want the doorbell to set Max off into a barking rage which would wake Caitlin up, so I set up “shop” in the front yard.  Our neighborhood had a great turn out and I almost got rid of all the candy (except for the pieces Michael and I set aside for ourselves!).  We are awful…I know!

Happy Halloween to you and your family! 

IMG_1161The family


IMG_1155One of me and Caitlin


IMG_1165I made s’mores brownies…so delicious!


IMG_1168“Boo-tiful” Caitlin


IMG_1174The kids at the starting line for the race


IMG_1187Spider piñata full of candy!


IMG_1188In Daddy’s arms…one of her favorite places


IMG_1191Mommy & Caitlin waiting for the trick-or-treaters


IMG_1194Caitlin thinking about her costume for next year



Full shot of the Halloween outfit.  Love the leg warmers!


Mini-Pumpkin Patch

I’ve been wanting to take Caitlin to a pumpkin patch to get some pictures of her before her first Halloween, but seeing as how she can’t stand, walk or hold her own head up, I knew it probably wasn’t going to happen.  We have a shopping center close to the house and the Whole Foods (now open!) set up a mini-pumpkin patch area in a small grassy area of parking lot which turned out to be perfect for a few pictures!  Michael knew how important this was to me, so he came along so I could be in a few pictures too!  Thanks honey!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:






…and after an outfit change…