Michael 2.0

Introducing the new and improved Michael! Let me first start off my saying that there is nothing I wanted to change about him. I love him just the way he is! Michael recently decided to have lasik surgery done to both of his eyes and he wasted no time in getting it done. I was told on a Monday that he was going in that Wednesday for the assessment, to make sure he was a candidate, and the surgery was scheduled for the following day. Everything went great and Michael is really enjoying his newly perfect vision. No more glasses or contacts! If anyone out there is thinking of having lasik done, we had a wonderful experience with Dr. Gary Tylock in Irving.



Thank goodness for the long weekend!
I finally had a chance to catch up on blogging!
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Not as Easy as I Remember...
Happy 4th of July
Attic Upate
Happy Father's Day
Happy 30th Tom!
Happy 1st Birthday Carsen!
Happy Birthday Lara!
Off to the Races

Not as Easy as I Remember...

Stephanie and Mark invited us to spend the weekend at Mark's grandmother's house. She lives directly on the lake and Michael and I fell in love! We hope to retire one day in our own lake house, so this visit definitely gave us lake house fever!

On Saturday, Michael, Stephanie and I made the drive down and grabbed some lunch while Mark made a trip to the store to pick up food and drinks. Once we arrived, we grabbed a drink and headed down to the boat dock. We took the boat out and drove around the lake checking out the houses. There were some definite mini-mansions. We all had a good time saying what we would want in our lake houses some day. We headed back to the house after a few hours and Mark started dinner while the three of us went for a swim in the lake. This is a good time to mention Mark likes to cook and thank goodness for that because he is an excellent cook! He grilled steaks and asparagus wrapped in bacon. After washing the dishes and cheesecake for dessert, we headed to the pool for some late night swimming.

We started Sunday off right with bacon and eggs for breakfast (thanks Mark!) and headed out to the lake for some water skiing. My dad, brother and I used to spend summers at the lake and my dad taught us how to water ski. I used to be pretty good...fearless really, but that has definitely changed. I was able to get up on two skies, but it wasn't after many failed attempts. Michael had no problems and was up on his first try. We were both hurting the next day...we had sore muscles that we didn't even know we had! A huge thank you to Stephanie and Mark for inviting us out for a wonderful weekend. We owe you big time!

She's up...

...and she's down.

Look at those skills!


Happy 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July this year! Not only is it America's birthday, but it's my mom's birthday too! My parents, Jared and Alicia went out on the boat for some fun in the sun. Michael and I met up with them at my parent's house afterwards. Jared made burgers and then we walked over to the golf course to catch some fireworks with the rest of the neighbors.

After the fireworks, we headed back inside for some homemade ice cream. My parents still make it the old fashioned way with rock salt! It was so good and brings back memories from past July 4th holidays. There were strawberriers, hot fudge and pecans for sundea toppings. We played Apples to Apples while eating dessert and watching more fireworks from the dining room window.

Happy 4th of July to you and your families!

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Michael & Tamra

Alicia & Tamra

Jared & Alicia

Jared & Tamra

Homemade vanilla ice cream

Ice cream toppings

Attic Update

Michael has been working so hard on the attic. Steve came over and helped Michael install the drywall in the Texas heat. Now that's a good friend. We owe you big time Steve! Thank you! I don't know how those boys did it, but I did my job and stayed inside with the air conditioner on waiting to hear two loud thumbs, meaning the guys had passed out. It didn't happen, thank goodness! Michael has a few more things he would like to do to the attic before we can call this project "complete". More to come...

North side

South side

Dad checking out the progress

Mom taking a quick look

Happy Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day this year! My parents, Jared and Alicia all came over to the house. While the guys played a round of golf at Chase Oaks, the ladies did a little shopping (new favorite place...Charming Charlie's) and went grocery shopping for a late lunch. I made a huge batch of margaritas to compliment the burgers (Thanks Jared...aka: Grill Master), beans and chips & dip. For dessert, we had red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing that the girls made. We love you Dad!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there!

Margarita station

Burger station

Everyone's ready to eat!

Jared, World's Best Dad & Tamra

Michael & Tamra

Jared & Alicia

Happy 30th Tom!

Tom turned the big 3-0 recently and celebrated the occasion with our first pool party of the summer at KC's house! It was a great afternoon and the food was delicious. We are looking forward to many more! Happy Birthday Tom!

Tom and Caroline (K.C's neice)

KC, Caroline and Tom in the pool


Happy 1st Birthday Carsen!

Our friends' and neighbors' son, Carsen, recently turned 1! He had a wonderful 1st birthday party complete with a castle cake (compliments of his grandmother...she did a great job!), crowns with each (little) guest's name on them and a feast for the prince's court. Happy Birthday Carsen!

Castle cake fit for a prince!


Birthday boy!
(one of the only times he was not moving...)

Carsen's own special cake

"Hmmm....what is this?"

Carsen's mom and dad helping out...

Katie, Amanda and Tamra

Happy Birthday Lara!

Our friend and my bunco buddy, Lara, celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. She invited us all out for dinner at The Blue Fish off the tollway. We all had hibachi and it was delicious! Michael even tried some sake. I recommend the Red Fin martini for all the ladies on your next visit! It was a special day for Michael and I too...it was also our four year wedding anniversary.

Happy Birthday Lara!
(2nd from the left, bottom row)

Off to the Races!

Our neighbors, Trey and Kylie, organized a Sunday outing at Lonestar Park in Grand Prairie. We had a great time complete with friends, food, drinks and some gambling! I don't know the first thing about horse racing and my big secret on how I pick the winning horse...it's solely based on the horse's name. Needless to say, Michael and I did a lot of betting and not a lot of winning. I'm not sure you can even call it winning if you bet more than you cashed in. Thank you so much to Trey and Kylie for getting us all together for a wonderful day at the track!

The finish line!

The ladies...

Tamra & Michael

The trumpet player came up to the suite and
gave us a private performance on the balcony!

Tamra, Amanda, Lara and Katie


Michael and I had the opportunity to attend the HP Byron Nelson in Las Colinas this year. We were invited on behalf of Hensel Phelps and we could not have asked for more...a great view of the 17th green, shade, air conditioning, fans, free alcohol, free food and my favorite...free ice cream! We walked around a little to check out the surrounding holes, but ended up returning to the tent. I don't have any pictures from the event because cameras and cell phones were prohibited. We quickly learned you can get in with cell phones if you try. Below is a picture we took once we got home.

The infamous wristbands...