7 Months

Caitlin, our little sweet pea and roly poly, you did it!  You rolled over!  It’s as if you were just waiting for the day to come.  First, you rolled over from your back to your front, and then you immediately rolled over from you front to your back.  Now that you’ve started rolling, you haven’t stopped.  I’ll lay you down for a nap or bedtime and you roll over before I get to the door.  You’ve also started sleeping on your belly, which completely terrified me the first few times.  Once you’re on your belly, you rock side to side and scoot backwards.  It’s only a matter of time before you will be going forward and crawling (Max better watch out!). 

Your personality continues to develop and shine through those gorgeous blue eyes and that two-toothed grin.  Curiosity is your constant companion and I’m afraid it’s going to get you into trouble in the future.  It’s probably a guarantee.  You love to scratch your nails over objects and listen to the different sounds.  You love to see what you can get your little hands on.  If we tell you ‘no’, you look at us and smile.  When you are in anyone’s arms, your arms are out wide and you refuse to hold on, even when bouncing down the stairs.  When I try and cuddle with you or give you lovies (i.e hugs and kisses), you push me away.  Our little Miss Independent.     

We started baby sign language class and we try to practice every day.  You watch me with such intensity when I sign and say the words.  I know you are listening and understanding.  Soon you will be signing back and we will be communicating!  You’ve done some signs, such as ‘all done’, ‘more’ and ‘milk’.  You’ve also waved good-bye and clapped your hands.  My heart broke a little the day you said “dada” for the first time, but we decided it wasn’t your first word but more baby babble that you are constantly saying.

You love baths and like to splash the water with your hands.  We are hoping to do swimming lessons this summer.  I think you’ll love the water like I do.  Another big milestone for both of us this month was your first two nights away from home.  You stayed with Mimi and Grandpa (my parents) while your dad and I traveled to Hot Springs, AR for a weekend get away.  You and I both cried when we dropped you off, but you ended up having a wonderful time with your grandparents.   

One of my many hopes for you is that you try different foods and aren’t a picky eater.  Well, if this month is any indication of how things will be, you will try anything and love most of it!  You are now eating level 2 organic baby food, meaning multiple foods are mixed together for a more complex taste, such as apples and pears.  You tried mum-mums and teething biscuits, but puffs are your absolute favorite!  You can even pick them up one by one and feed yourself.  Such a big girl!












Happy 7-month birthday baby girl!