5 Months

Caitlin, let me start by saying thank you.  Thank you for helping me start each day with a smile.  Thank you for teaching me to slow down and find the joy in every moment.  Thank you for bringing so much happiness into our lives just by being you.  Ok, now that I’m a little teary eyed, let’s move into what you’ve been up to this month! 

On your 5-month birthday, you tried rice cereal for the first time.  Not a fan at first, you are quickly coming around…or you just want to chew on the spoon.  You continue to sleep so well and I love you even more for it!  Your nighttime sleep is between 12-13 hours and you take at least 2 naps a day, usually 1.5 to 2 hours long.  You love baths!  If your arms aren’t behind your head, as if you’re lounging in a pool, then you’re eagerly attempting to grab the water.  We’ll teach you about solids v. liquids in the future.

If there was any question as to if you found your feet, it’s not a question any more!  They constantly entertain you.  You are always grabbing at them after you wake up or on the changing table, and you can now get them into your mouth.  I really need to get a picture of it or you may not believe me when you’re older.  Everything goes into your mouth, especially those fingers.  I have a feeling you are getting ready for some teeth very soon.  You love to sit up.  We’ve been practicing and you can sit up unassisted for a short period of time.  Tummy time is not your favorite (never has been) but you’re getting better at holding your head up and lifting your chest off the ground with the help of your arms.  You haven’t rolled over yet but I know you will when you’re ready. 

You are definitely my daughter.  When you are done with an activity or don’t like how something is going, you let us know (insert  high pitched scream or melt down here).  You are enjoying our weekly classes at Gymboree and play dates during the week.  I didn’t think I would be saying this so soon, but please STOP growing up so fast.  I love you baby girl!



IMG_3016Our 5-month old






IMG_2978Hi gorgeous!






IMG_3010This is one of my favorites!  Her legs look so long here!




Caitlin discovering “Max” (the stuffed prop). 

She was so curious about him and instantly put him in her mouth for further identification.





IMG_3056Silly girl!






Happy 5-month birthday baby girl!


…And Then There Was Snow!

I didn’t venture out into the first round of winter snow.  So this time, I dressed in layers and spent a good hour outside trying to capture how beautiful everything was.  Caitlin hadn’t experienced snow yet and I felt really bad about not having a proper snow outfit for her, but she’s only 5 months!  Going into mommy “make it work” mode, I put her in her jammies, layered on a shirt, jeans and socks and then added a sweater with a hoodie to keep the cold air out of those tiny ears.  I didn’t have any gloves, but you better believe this mama will be prepared next year.  Minus the rolling blackouts, all the snow Max tracked inside the house and the two leaks (kitchen and half bath), it was a good day.  Lesson Learned:  Frozen pipes suck. 


IMG_31825 inches!





IMG_3140The two shot above are to compare to the previous post about the ice. 
The sheet of ice is now covered by 4 to 5 inches of snow.



You can see the outline of the curb, sidewalk and path to the front door


IMG_3176winter wonderland


IMG_3202Someone wants to go outside and play





IMG_3294The sun is trying to come out!



IMG_3333Catch a falling snowflake in your hand






IMG_3342tiny paw prints


IMG_3345action shot!


IMG_3358Max made yellow snow





I enjoyed comfort food all day!

Grilled cheese, hot cocoa and a loaded baked potato.





First there was ice…

I’m a little behind on this event, but Texas experienced some strange weather over the past few weeks.  It started out with an ice storm.  The sleet/rain/frozen pellets came down during the night.  It sounded as though someone was shooting them right at our bedroom window!  I didn’t mind the loud weather as long as it didn’t wake Caitlin up.  Luckily, it didn’t and we enjoyed some unexpected time with Michael the next day since it was too dangerous to drive into work.  After the ice, came the real fun… 


IMG_2960Sheet of ice on the drive way…very dangerous!


IMG_2962Different angle



Happy Valentine’s Day!  I tell myself every year that I’m not going to fall into the “Hallmark” holiday of love, but every year I do.  I can’t help it…I love flowers, chocolate, romantic gestures, love poems, love songs, excuses to have fancy dinners and basically any kind of gift.  This holiday was made for suckers like me! 

Caitlin and I drove to Michael’s job site and picked him up for lunch at Gloria’s.  When Michael got home, there was a card, cookie and some cupcakes waiting for him.  I needed an excuse to check out the new bakery in our area (Haute Mama) and it did not disappoint!  They are known for their chocolate chip cookies, but she offers cakes, cupcakes, cake balls and so much more.  Michael brought home some Sprinkles cupcakes for me.  We have 7 cupcakes and 1 cookie between the two of us to eat.  Challenge accepted! (little Barney reference if you’re a “How I Met Your Mother” fan)

Caitlin (aka mom) handed out Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day cards with Fun Dip to her neighborhood buddies and playgroup buddies.  On Saturday, she received her first Valentine’s Day card from a boy named Luke in her Gymboree class.  How cute is that?


IMG_3680Love you!


IMG_3735Cookie and cupcake for Michael


IMG_3815Thank you Mimi for the card (tasted good!)


IMG_3824Caitlin holding Daddy’s cookie




IMG_3882Thanks for the Valentine’s bib “Auntie” Katie!


IMG_3891“You can call me Sweetheart”


IMG_3921Here’s looking at you kid…